Yoga and Self-Enquiry

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Yoga and Self-Enquiry is 2021 National Book award winner in the Religion–Eastern category. This is a practical guidebook suitable for both beginners as well as more advanced practitioners of Yoga. Part 1 focuses on the teachings of self-enquiry as presented by Śri Ramana Maharshi and other luminaries in the field of Advaita Vedānta. Part 2 summarizes the teachings of Yoga and details how a keen seeker can put into daily practice Patañjali’s eight limbs of yoga to achieve their ultimate aim: Kaivalya or final liberation. Providing much more than an introduction to Yoga and Vedānta, this book focuses on the higher-level teachings of these two spiritual practices, revealing their underlying unity and complementarity.

Author: Lucy E Johnson
Publisher: Self, IngramSpark
Publish Date: 2021
Type: Paperback

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